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Unlimited Wash Club Starting at $13.50

If you wash your car more than twice per month, our unlimited wash club is for you! Starting at just $13.50 for our basic Star Express package, you can't go wrong. All of our wash packages are available on the unlimited option. Below you will find the details for each package option.  Once you decide on what package you like, just  click on "Sign up for Unlimited" from our home page, fill in all fields and you are signed up. Next time you come in, stop at the pay booth and show your ID. We will assign your club number right there and you will be set. It's that simple!


Shooting Star Package $44 per month - Our top of the line wash ($17.00 if purchased singularly)

What you get:

Everything from all of our other packages plus:

Lava Falls - preconditioner to loosen stuck on dirt and road grime

Lava Wax - Contains carnuba wax for that long lasting shiny finish


Star Premium Package $34 per month ($12 if purchased singularly)

What you get: Everything from the Shining Star and Shooting Star plus

Lava Rain - cascading sheet of water that fully rinses all dirt and chemicals off your vehicle

Lava Polish - triple polish that cleans, shines and protects your finish (contains carnuba wax)

Under Carriage - high pressure spray underneath your vehicle, great for cleaning after the beach or driving through new road construction areas

X-Treem Shield - weather guard causing water to roll off glass and body

CTA (chemical tire applicator) - special tire chemicals for loosening grime and brake dust


Shining Star Package $24 per month ($8 if purchased singularly)

What you get: Everything from Star Express plus

Clear Coat - protects paint from weather, sun and oxidation

Wheel Blaster - high pressure jets of water that blast away road grime and brake dust from tire rims


Star Express Package $13.50 per month ($5 if purchased singularly)

What you get:

Foam Top Brush - cleans the top of the vehicle's hood, roof and trunk

Foam Wraps - cleans the front, back and sides of the vehicle

Spot Free Rinse - helps your vehicle to dry without spotting

Drying Agent - works in conjunction with the blowers to help to get your car as dry as possible

High Velocity Air Dryers - 8 turbine blowers to remove water from the vehicl after the wash cycle is complete

Free Vacuums - our vacuums are state of the art. We also have floor mat clips so you don't break your back bending over to vacuum.


Terms & Conditions:

You will be enrolled in our monthly membership program which allows for one (1) wash per day. Your credit card will be billed every month. You must notify us of your intent to cancel at least five (5) days prior to your billing due date in order to avoid charges for the next billing cycle. Your membership will automatically renew annually unless cancelled prior to the anniversary of your enrollment. To cancel, please email or come into the wash and fill out a cancellation request. Members enrolling from the 29th - 31st of the month will be charged on the 28th day of the month for all months following their initial enrollment. The unlimited program is on a per vehicle basis. You must enroll each vehicle you intend to wash separately. If we find you are washing multiple vehicles on the same membership, you will be charged for the washes that were not for the vehicle enrolled and your membership will be cancelled. The membership is transferable to a new vehicle once a year, free of charge. After that a $10 transfer fee applies. Texas Star Express Car wash can terminate the progam at any time. Unlimited memberships are for a minimum of three (3) months. Early cancellation will incur a $50 early cancellation fee.





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